Interview with Director Kathy Huang (TALES OF THE WARIA)



What is life like for the transgender community in the world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia?

In this eye-opening documentary, shot in the scenic coastal region of South Sulawesi, TALES OF THE WARIA follow the lives of four waria (from the words wanita, meaning woman, and pria, meaning man): female in outward appearance, but actually biological men who believe they were born with a woman’s soul, and who are not interested in a sex change because of Islam’s teachings.

TALES OF THE WARIA interweaves the stories of these waria, who encounter unique obstacles in their search for love.

Director Kathy Huang discusses how she got started on the documentary.


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  • Ravi Chandra

    Great video interview! I really loved the screener for this film, and highly recommend it.

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    I can’t wait to see this film

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    wow …. what a thought that is amazing ….. how are you sis … when to makassar Kathy more … transvestite miss all your friends ……