Do You Count?



The Filipino American community is disproportionately under-counted in the census.

This hurts our community.

During the 2000 Census, the Asian Pacific Islander population lost $2.1 billion in federal funding for important community programs in California alone just from being undercounted.

Some of your friends or family members may be afraid that their census answers will complicate or reveal their immigration status or somehow compromise their employment status. THE FACT IS census answers cannot be used against you or your family members in ANY way. Your confidentiality is protected by LAW.

Census data is important because it is used to plan for vital services such as employment training centers, schools, hospitals, senior programs, and many more services in your community.

Tell your friends and family that being counted is important for your future and for your community.

It only happens once in 10 years.
Speak up and BE COUNTED in the 2010 Census.

Find out how you can help at And get a free t-shirt, too!

This project was paid for by the U.S. Census Bureau and organized by KAYA in partnership with Touchblue, Hyphen Magazine, The Center for Asian American Media, Hope Road Consulting, Jason Carpio, and Blacklava.